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RootSkills Conference Presenter

Join LA Smith at the RootSkills Conference for a workshop on : Creative Pathways to Public and Individual Action

Workshop Summary:
The issues of environmental racism and nuclear waste converge at the Savannah River nuclear waste site in SC, the superfund site in New Madrid MO, communities throughout New Mexico — and far too many others in the US. This 90-minute workshop will begin by addressing the issue of environmental racism through a video montage that includes, but is not limited to, nuclear waste sites, in addition to superfund sites and increased peril after recent catastrophic hurricanes. The discussion will continue with relevant artistic and pop culture explorations of the nuclear waste issue, including a clip from a recent John Oliver broadcast, an important article in the September Vanity Fair, Godzilla by Blue Oyster Cult, a Ted Talk clip on Art and its powerful ability to motivate and change minds, and the book, Fukushima on the Hudson.
This workshop will initiate a brief discussion with the audience on ways we can all communicate creatively on scary subjects. We can do more than just op-eds to make a difference! We can go into schools and work with kids on art projects and get them talking. We can have an impact, simply by sharing our art and our words. 

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