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Publisher: Nixie Publishing
Publication Date: June 20, 2017
Page Count: 318
Selling Price: $13.95 paperback / $7.99 digital
ISBN 978-0-9988763-0-6

What would happen if a Fukushima-scale nuclear meltdown happened only a few dozen miles from New York City? #ITCOULDHAPPENHERE. Right now, an aging nuclear power plant by the name of Indian Point is leaking radiotoxic chemicals into the Hudson River. Built on a fault zone, the plant is packed with tons of radioactive spent fuel rods and the destructive power of a thousand Hiroshima bombs. Fukushima on the Hudson is a fictional, eco-political thriller based on a very real threat to the city of New York and the United States as a whole.

Kristin Kellogg, a country-strong dairy farmer from rural NY state, gets swept up into a dangerous Washington conspiracy involving crooked politicians and cutthroat lobbyists. When a fellow staffer is killed, she works with a jaded news reporter to uncover the conspiracy. They find their attraction is mutual, but will they have a chance to explore it before they, too, are victims?

Fukushima on the Hudson explores the alchemy behind idealism’s transformation into cynicism and how inevitably the ends do justify the means.