Liberals, Protests and Ann Coulter

Let me begin with a clarification on my feelings because as you read, you may get confused. I try to never allow hate so I will say that I intensely dislike Ann Coulter. No. I actually hate everything she stands for and her smug attitude, her extreme ignorance and of course, for those who know me, her politics. 

However, between us, my far left liberal tribe...

Our craziness has to stop. 

There is a culture of unreasonable anger that is taking over rationality in the United States. Trump was elected president to the surprise of many and yes, we should be angry but when you prohibit freedom of speech and refuse open conversation then understand that your anger is now petulant and immature. 

Time to put your big girl pants on. 

In recent weeks there have been some pretty big upheavals at colleges where conservatives have been scheduled to speak. Protesters have resorted to least of all extreme disruptiveness and worst of all violence... and for what? The common soundbite is that "hate, racism and whatever else won't be tolerated or welcome." That sounds fantastic and very much in line with any decent persons thought but I'm struggling with how do you deal with hate, racism and whatever else without rational communication? 

I am a staunch supporter of Freedom of Speech which means I strongly believe everyone has a right to say or write how they feel and what they think to whoever wants to listen or read - no matter how wrong I think it is.  You don't like what Ann Coulter, Charles Murray or others have to say?...I won't say, then don't listen, but I will say REALLY listen, and then counter it.  Not with shouting or insanity or even a mild 'my way or the highway' attitude.  As nuts as they may sound to you, someone out there is listening and hearing what they have to say (November 8th, 2016 happened, clearly people are listening).  It's ok to be angry, hell, I'm angry but there has to be an allowance for adverse thoughts and ideas so that our thoughts and ideas can be better communicated and understood.   

Are we not the same liberal left that opposes war and violence? Think about the images and sounds that are coming from the left in this country right now and how all of that anger without any rational thinking can only turn to violence, ridicule, more verbal ammunition and propaganda for the right/alt-right. 

Think about this quote from Ann Coulter

"Liberals hate America, they hate flag-wavers, they hate abortion opponents, they hate all religions except Islam, post 9/11."

Then let's take a look at ourselves and try and see what the world is seeing.  Do we hate America?  NO! Do we hate flag-wavers? NO! Do we hate abortion opponents? NO! (cmon, we all have friends and family who oppose abortion though a women's right to make that decision is where the line should be drawn).  Do we hate all religions?  Absolutely NOT!

So, why do we look like we hate? 
Don't become what they keep trying to tell the world you are - an unhinged, anti-American, elitists-think-you're-better-than-everyone group of wackos.  Don't ever become anything in the name of hate and anger.

Handle it better.

I'll leave you with one more quote that my husband says to me frequently (no idea where he got if from)... "From a distance, you can't tell which one is the fool."

[Author: Kharma]