Make More To-Do Lists for You Not Others

I work out or walk nearly every day. I have to get my 10,000 steps in to keep up with my boot camp group. Someone in our group (you know who you are!) averages 25-30 k steps a DAY at times and although I aspire to reach that goal, I just do not have that much time in my day to get those steps in. But I work out with my boot camp group, a group of friends that have meant the world to me in difficult times.

Women need support. Sometimes we take on too many to-dos. For those who have a family, we take care of them before we take care of ourselves. We are the bottom of that daily list. And when the list is done (well, is it ever done??) we realize we haven’t even been part of the list at all…

I realized this last year. I needed more time for myself, time to do things that I want to do. After 18 years of raising kids (my daughter is going to college this fall), I realized I have been living for other people and not for myself. So I joined a boot camp. Walked in with my weights, mat, and water and there was “The Sarge”, a man nearly 20 years older than me, but in far healthier shape. I was scared. This was boot camp and I was out of shape!

It was tough and I was sore for days. But I came every day. I worked hard and started to feel better. In a few months, I became fit, healthy and energized. I got my Fitbit and joined the group competition and started walking 20K steps per day.

But the best part for me of this workout group was the people. We are like family. Everyone is different, yet we all support each other and laugh A LOT. It became therapy for me. This one hour each day, lunging, crunching and sweating, I bonded with women and men who cared for me for who I was. We have done social things together and we walk on the river. We say what we think and don’t judge each other.

I have become a different person, a better person since I started taking care of myself.  I started to not be someone who has a huge to-do list for others, but someone who has a huge to-do list for herself. All women need to this. Need to look at their lives and see what they can do for themselves. After all, we are just as important as all of those we take care of every day.

[Author: Bela]