Let Them Eat Junk Food

In another discriminatory policy move that is either tone deaf or smugly cynical or both, the new administration’s Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue — who looks a lot like most of the other new cabinet members in terms of age, race and gender — has decided to decimate current standards regarding nutritional value of school lunches. His reason? “The States” should have flexibility. Right. And the Civil War was fought over “States’ rights,” not slavery. By the way, did you know that President Andrew Jackson might have prevented the war had he not owned so many slaves? Oh, and been dead when it occurred? A portrait of this vehemently pro-slavery, anti-native American former President now hangs on a wall inside the Oval Office for “inspiration.”

What an inspiration! And why hasn’t anyone ever asked important questions about the Civil War until now? But I digress ….

In the case of this child-hostile policy affront, studies show many of “The States” Master Sonny wants to “protect,” cannot afford to provide lunches with solid nutritional value to their students. Master Sonny may not know it since he probably has someone do his grocery shopping for him (or maybe he just eats out at pricey restaurants), but fruits and vegetables are expensive! Many states are too poor to afford them for school lunch programs without federal subsidies. And so, due to a little geographical undesirability beyond their control, American boys and girls in these poorer states will have no option but to build their lunch around junk foods that are cheaper to buy on the front end but on the back end, fuel the expensive and devastating epidemic of childhood obesity and Type 2 diabetes. But hey. At least one of the biggest swamp monsters around, the Grocery Manufacturers Association, will be very, very pleased by the move.

Let those poor kids in the poor states eat junk food!

Marie Antoinette couldn’t have said it better.

[Author: Laura]