Mind Blowing Sex

Do I have your attention now? 

So, I am not really going to write about mind blowing sex. This is not that kind of blog. Not that there’s anything wrong with that…but I was thinking about creativity. Creativity can be just as mind blowing. You suddenly have an idea you need to spit out, spin it, put in on paper. But you get stuck. The idea seems to freeze in your brain, like an ice cream brain freeze and you can’t get it to flow to your fingertips. You type “It was a dark and stormy night….” and delete delete delete just for fun.

 Where does creativity come from? Imagination yes, but most of the thoughts that fall to paper come from real life experiences. Things we have felt or often are currently feeling; things which affected us deeply. Things that emanate from the deepest part of our soul. That’s the easiest thing to write about, in some ways, and also the hardest. To reach deep within requires strength, you need to overcome the fear of being exposed. Most people live static or sterile lives. Most people never experience mind blowing sex, beyond the physical, an intimate connection between two people. You build your connection to your creative soul in the same way.

Think about something recent that gave you immense pleasure (Ok guys, stay about from mind blowing sex!) Maybe you just met someone that changed your life forever, or you experienced a great adventure or a sudden death. Sometimes your feelings are confusing, sometimes you just can’t get them out. You need to find a way to share these moments and feelings and get them out in the open, tell your story, share your soul and express yourself as you, the real, deep and honest you. 

 It's important to express yourself. Although we women have a bigger voice in our society today, we still sometimes get shut down. Some men (and even other women), feel they can stop you from talking (nevertheless, she persisted!) without even thinking that you have a right to speak. You can't let yourself be bullied into submission. Or have your voice taken away.  That’s why its important to pay attention. Sometimes its subtle. A belittling comment, and brush off with the hand wave. But it serves the purpose of silencing you. 

When you write about this new event or person, that came into your closed world, closed because you were living your life without seeing, you think about how they or it impacted your life. Perhaps it was in a positive way. It may even have been in a negative way. But let’s stay positive. You think about the kindness or maybe the love this person showed you and you express it with words. You start with short sentences and then keep adding on, building paragraphs, pages, chapters…and you finish. And you look at the words and you the intense feeling you feel, the accomplishment, the story, the words that emanated from within you, are there, and your mind is blown at what you wrote. You didn’t know you had it in you and then suddenly, here it is….the creative process. Almost as good as sex.

This is what Nixie is about. Publishing writing that comes from deep within, allowing authors to expose themselves and their stories…