Trump & Journalism

If any previous President of the United States stood at a podium and spoke out against an entire profession in a negative way, he would have been damn near impeached.  So, why then, do we put up with this president's constant berating disrespect of journalists in our country?

Becuase everyone is cynical and distrustful of everyone.  This is what this country has become. As a country, we don't trust people who don't worship how we are supposed to, look like we are supposed to, are the gender we are supposed to, love who we are supposed to and with the digital age, we can't trust what anyone writes or says regardless if they are a journalist or not.  

Just how I don't like when others bash the military, I fail to understand how bashing journalists is ok. Especially from our supposed 'leader'.  This morning listening to the NYT Daily I (as I do many mornings) am disgusted, again, at Trump.  While the White House Correspondence Dinner was taking place, he was off in rallying supporters in Pennsylvania and had choice words about the event...

"A large group of Hollywood actors and Washington media are consoling each other in a hotel ballroom in our nation's capital right now," the president told a roaring crowd. That seemed to spur him on: "They are gathered together for the White House correspondents' dinner — without the president." ~ NPR Politics

I really can't get over how it's a joke to him that he missed what is essentially his dinner, he is the resident of the White House now! Ok, you have issues with the media - they hurt your feelings and you want to take your ball and go home? Then just take your ball and go home. No need to pout and show out just so you can be whatever your definition of "cool" is.  Unbelievable that the President of our, or ANY, country would be so incredibly childish.  

Will he attend during his term, should it last?  Not for me to speculate but he did tell Reuters news agency last week, "I would come next year, absolutely,".  To that I say - Don't bother.

Rude and disrespectful.

[Author: Kharma]